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As proud owners of our Motor Venicles, we always endeavour to Clean,Service,and Maintain all service points of our Motor Vehicle, however it doesn’t take much to innocently overlook one part of our Vehicle which not only is the cheapest, but also is one of the most important parts of our car; that being the Air Filter.

The Air Filter is  the first part of the Motor Vehicle aside from the Air Flow Meter to accept air flow through it  on its way into the Intake side of the Engine,so that being the case it pays merit to ensure the air filter is kept clean at all times.

Lets examine another very important factor in Air Filter Maintenance…and that is its relationship to where it sits and how it sits in the Air Cleaner housing.


If we happen to own an older vintage style vehicle, than chances are that it is equipped with the old style dish shaped air cleaner., so what I am about to tell you is very important if you are to prolong the life of your engine.,

Point1: Make sure the Air Filter you fit is the correct application for your vehicle.

Point2: If the Air Filter whether old or new is deformed, broken or cracked. Do not use it because it will only allow dirt, sand , and foreign debris to enter the engine,and when this happens, your engine will wear prematurely, and ultimately fail down the track.

Point 3; Regularly clean Air Filter with compressed Air,and when refitting to Air Cleaner Housing, ensure a tight seal exists between mating surfaces…This will ensure that only clean air will enter the engine…


Follow same procedure above in points 1. 2 and 3; and you should be trouble free.


Alexander Kreti……………


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