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Tool Twister… Auto/Marine Maintenance: PART 1:

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Basic Car Maintenance, Pre Vacation Mode….

Yes!, It’s that time of year again, and as we prepare Our Car, Boat, and Trailer for our trip away it serves merit to ensure that all preventative maintenance points have been addressed..

In the first of this series we will be considering basic mechanical service points, the mechanical components, and best way to service these prior to venturing out.

Ok, to begin with, we can start with the Battery..There are a few basic checks here that we as vehicle owners can address,

Point 1: Battery Terminal/Busbar condition, Check for corrosion/acid buildup in and around terminals.. This is a sign of poor terminal/battery post contact

INSTRUCTIONS, Attatch memory minder to terminals prior to removing them. Please Note this is very important on vehicles 1980s upward as we want all electrical and audio components working as they should without memory loss to components.

Use battery terminal /cylindrical wire brush to remove acid cake buildup from bus bars..Wipe with warm damp cloth, then proceed to clean inside of female terminals..

Retighten terminals onto posts Pos first.  Neg last…Remove memory minder. JOB DONE!!


1/ Tyre tread must be roadworthy wth plenty of even tread across the width of tyre

2/Check sidewalls for bulging, and get this problem looked at..

3/ Ensure there are no nails stuck in tyres and no f.o.d inside treads

4/ Ensure tyre pressures are set to manufacturers specs…. JOB DONE..


1/ Check all lights including Brake Lights are operational.When it comes to headlights, 50 % brighter halogen globes can be purchased to give the driver much better visibility whilst driving on the highway or freeway. When replacing halogen globes,ensure you don’t touch the glass with your fingers as the impurities from your fingertips can stop the globes from working.

FAN BELTS should be properly tensioned but not over tensioned, and be free of cracks and missing pieces of rubber.

3/ COOLING SYSTEM should have the correct amount of antifreeze added at all times.Thermostat should be renewed and Radiator should be clean and serviceable.Radiator Hoses shoul also be renewed prior to a big trip away.

4/ BRAKES, Inclusive of hydraulic lines should be well fitted and adjusted by a qualified Automotive Technician

5/ SUSPENSION: All shock absorbers should be free of leaks and pass a roadworthy check by your trusted Mechanic..

Above are just a few service hints for your Motor Vehicle… Stay tuned for more valuable  Tool twisting tips in Section 2 of Part 1 of Basic Car Maintenance.

Any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact me zeccentrichooker.com or text me on 0407050670, or email personalsaint61@ hotmail.com ,Kind Regards, Tool Twister…….

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