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CLEAN and GREEN when hooking FISH.

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CLEAN  and GREEN when hooking FISH


As creatures of habit we tend to lack forethought when embarking on what we anticipate as being a bounteous fishing expedition.

We often have the mindset that we will always come home with a King Arthur’s Banquet when it involves hooking and keeping our prized catch.?

“Not necessarily so!”, Why? might you ask…. Well, I found out the hard way until I picked up some timely advice from an old friend of mine.

You see, I spent most of my working career as an Automotive Technician, and at least  80 percent of the time my hands were covered in Oil,Grease,Brake Fluid, Petrol,Coolant,Loctite,Silicone, and who knows what else? not neccesarily in that order.

On arrival to our prime fishing spot, I could not understand why my old friend Johnny was catching all the fish, and my tally was zero….He took one look at my oil stained hands and suggested the solvents are responsible for scaring away the fish; and he was right….. That evening I conducted some research, and found that fish have receptors that alert them to any substance or substrate which is foreign.Same applies to us as Humans……If someone were to serve us up some Roast Chicken with grease stained hands, we would be less inclined to partake of the dished out meal.

The lesson learnt here is when putting bait on the hook for the fish, ensure your hands are ultra clean,and are not contaminated, and by this way we wil be keeping it  CLEAN and GREEN when hooking fish.




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